“In the Future” Workshop

IMG_0269Twenty five students from years 8 to 13 students were selected to participate in a workshop led by the artist Andy D’cruz  at the Honeywood museum in Carshalton  earlier this year. The workshop was funded by Art Council England as part of Sutton’s Imagine Arts Festival 2016.

Based upon the writer H G Well’s novel “The Time Machine”, Andy D’Cruz led the students in discussing what they believed the future would be like. They worked together to come up with ideas and a description of what would happen to them, the world of work, human health and what the local area of Sutton would be like in the future. Students produced drawings representing their visions.  Sound recordings were made of all their ideas.

Following the workshops these recordings were placed, by the artists from Output Arts, into modified old radios using digital media to make a steam punk style objects. These were exhibited at Honeywood Museum from in October as part of the Imagine Arts Festival.

The dials could be turned on the he old fashioned radios to tune the listener into student voices. Students produced a range of interesting drawings and ideas on the afternoon. It was a good opportunity for some of our most able students to meet and work together.


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